Materials Within Industries

Materials are amongst the most vital part of any building planning.

What’s used in the construction industry?

Bricks and concrete

Solid burnt clay bricks are amongst the most commonly type of bricks used – they are made of clay, aired dried and are made in a special kiln, the reason it is in a special kiln is because the quality depends on the firing action.

Bricks that are too uneven, cracked or even burnt too much should be rejected and remade.

Industrially made bricks and engineering bricks are also amongst the most commonly used bricks.



Aluminium is used for its lightweight and malleable properties, along with the resistance to corrosion to weathering.

Iron is also used as it is malleable and ductile; it is the most used metal. But with products always changing, this might change.

The Agricultural Industry

Fencing is one of the most important roles to play when it comes to the agricultural industry. It creates a boundary and stopping distance for all machinery and even animals.

Vulcan is a chemical that produces agricultural limestone. It is used in areas with heavy rainfall where soils can come acidic. It can also increase the efficiency of the fertiliser over time.

Roofing & Window Industry

An EPDM flat roof is an inexpensive, alternative roofing material that offers a number of benefits. It is compromised of synthetic rubber that is incredibly durable, can last in excess of 50 years and requires very little maintenance.

Rubber roofs have been used by property owners since the 1960s and if installed correctly, represent a solid investment. It’s incredibly lightweight too, reducing any pressure on the structural integrity of a building.

Decibel is used as a measurement of sound pressure level. It indicates how effective how sound elsewhere is insulated by, the lower the reading means more insulation is provided.

Safety glass

Laminated glass offers increased protection compared to normal glass. The most common use for laminated glass is for walk-on roof lights as it provides extra strength. In addition it has sound proofing properties. With prices from just £1499, there is no reason you shouldn’t get these installed into your home.

It reduces the amount of sharp fragments if there were any obstructions to occur.


Krypton is a gas that is used to improve the energy efficiency into the window panes.

It is highly effective especially when used in conjunction with triple glazed units.

Like Argon, Krypton is a type of noble gas which is injected into the panes to improve energy efficiency.



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